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one hit wonder

So today morning I was telling Dh(he’ s not sure abt my knittting skills ,he’s fine as long as I hv a hobby and dont bother him )  about the  nice comments wonderful persons left  on the cardi .He was so happy , then he says tongue in cheek

So now,  you have become the one hit wonder “




is this sweater too tiny for her

okay I want to knit another one ,now  but I am confused .shd I knit or this sweater fitting her perfectly ?BTW she agreed for a chocolate in xchange for a million dollars to pose  😉  she said she will collect that later

She has big tummy ,tho’

cute lil cardi

My supermodel refuses to get out of bed unless I give her a million dollars  like Linda evengelista , but she did specify she wanted basketball buttons ,so I have sewed them on,its a tad bit fitting for her but since she removed it immediately I am  not sure if thats a problem

titbit :Every single time I use this yarn and I have used this for many  FO’s dh will ask me..oooh is this the expensive yarn ..its simply soft by caron 🙂

Instant gratification

 Needed to knit this one after knitting the blankie , it fits her perfectly and for a change dh likes it too ,so win-win for me .

In other news ,we got a bit of encouraging news from her school today , so there .Usually she is delayed so much that I end up coming out of the meetings feeling real sad but this time I was only exhausted ..but good exhausted .

Hey if u ever need pizza, ask this chef …while we were busy with the team she was baking all of us pizza .



100% wool cap for my kanmani ,knit by mommy 🙂

A letter from kanmani

Dear anyone

If you are reading this post , can you please ask my mom to stop knitting  .She knits and then forces these photo shoots on me ,that I am hardly interested in.I whine and run away but she catches me and bribes me with lollipops ,so its hard to refuse it.Also she pretends to get upset and covers her face (I know pretend upset,I do it a lot ,amma)

So I pose like this

and like this

and like this

But once in a while her plans to trick me works and she get the money shot, like this

BTW she knit this maroon color sweater for me ..she is obsessed with those long pointy things ,that I sometimes take and knit play with ,w/o her knowing of course:)

Back to school

We went for a  meeting at her school and  discussed some things that were bothering me about Sh..I mean it never ends does it was like a meet n greet with the teacher n parents .

Anyway while I was waiting for my turn to talk to her teacher another parent was talking to her and she spoke about her other older  child who maybe having some learning issues problems..I dont want to discuss this further  because it another child .Now she has 2 kids with issues ,how cruel can God get?I have seen her kid in this class ,she is my daughter’ friend,a cutie too  .But her brother having problems too ,how much can a mom many special needs can she cater to in both her kiddos?

I felt bad for her ,until my turn came to talk the teacher and well I got so worked up and emotional telling sh’s problems .I was drained out by the end of the meeting and I have just one kid ..Dh suggested we eat out so we did .

seamless knitting ..has taken over me now 🙂 I knit this for her

raglan sleeve bolero




jbf sale

I do not know if I have mentioned this before .
Just between friends is a sale that happens periodically here .Gently used items of clothing etc are sold and you can buy n sell ur own items too.We can  volunteer and sometimes can get amazing deals on toys.
Last time we bought toys n books for as much as $0.99 cents ..ladies n gentlewomen 🙂

Its invitation only  and we stumbled upon it by accident .This time I have decided to get rid of all of sh toys .She never plays with toys ,she plays with hangars , pieces of yarn etc but just not with toys she gets anxious even with the toys.
Usually I donate to salvation but this time I hv decided to sell them ALL.

..also my hats n sweater ..just to see if anyone will buy it 🙂
Dh is saying I can do whatever I want so I hv decided to volunteer too ,I am going to clean out the house and make it much better ,i am soooooooooooooo excited about this .also I wont buy a single thing toys nothing except yarn ,am hoping someone will throw out nice yarns 🙂

so  i can knit more like this


my baby has a bonnet yes ,my 3 .75 yr old little baby has a bonnet ,her amma knit it  for her .