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Dh -ism

Dh is totally out of touch with celebrity news.
So anyway today when we had gone out , since he was having the stroller I took the escalator and we met outside another shop.
When we met he said he went inside some shop named st john (link) and the salesperson a guy didn’t know greet him or say Hi(which is the norm here) etcetc.. and he found the prices exorbitant .So he said I am sure the guy knew I wudn’t buy the clothes there .

So i told him that Angeline jolie used to be the model /spokesperson for that brand.

So he says ” Then I wont pay for her nanny/nannies ”

Get it ? 😆


one hit wonder

So today morning I was telling Dh(he’ s not sure abt my knittting skills ,he’s fine as long as I hv a hobby and dont bother him )  about the  nice comments wonderful persons left  on the cardi .He was so happy , then he says tongue in cheek

So now,  you have become the one hit wonder “



About a dad and his daughter

So , we have been trying to make kanmani sleep alone from the time she was well and healthy  enough to sleep alone (in the same room as ours ).Sleep at night has always been her dad’s  dept , from the time she came home from the NICU , nightly feedings , she slept on Dh’s chest for almost 2 mos when she came home and Dh would sleep at an incline because that’s the way she was most comfy with (at that time we didn’t know she had GERD too).Every feeding he would check her  temperature  , change her diapers and feed her .Afternoons was my shift .We got her crib , in which I struggled to get her sleep , struggle being the keyword here because of her sensory issues.Finally I discovered , weighted blankets(click) I just used many heavy blankets on her leg ,at that time I did not know I was using this method , I only knew by trial n error that she liked gentle pressure on her leg and back .She finally learnt to sleep in her crib …alone .

So she slept in the crib for naps and slept with us during night and I made sure she slept on DH ‘s side because she can be the worst sleep companion ,she will never sleep , she will tantrum ,chatter ..etetc…

Now fast-forward , Dh has been complaining for quiet some time that she needs to sleep alone , because her requests were getting too much .She will ask DH to tell the same ‘paati vadai suttai ‘ story in tamil, then english then again tamil over n over.

Also DH in his attempt to make it interesting for her will introduce Dora , boots etc in the story and each day the characters change …but he was getting tired and he never loses his cool with her ..which takes a lots of effort for anyone .Then she will say she has work to do and run off to the living room and cry if he asks her to come back ..this happens everyday

This weekend we got her twin bed , dora sheets etetc and I managed to make her sleep in her room in her bed .

When it was bedtime for us both ,I was so happy I put the pillow in the middle of the bed (usually I will be hanging on in the edge of the bed )and thought from now on its going to be so peaceful .

do u know what dh did after lying down for few moment ?

‘do u think kanmani will feel lonely when she wakes up in the other room’, I miss her , what if she gets scared ……etetc..

..and he woke the sleeping baby and brought her back to our bedroom and I again clung to the edge of the bed  :), once I rolled of the bed and ell down ,now it california queen size but , kanmani takes a lot of space and Dh wants her to sleep comfy so we both give her the space

hey amma I will be BACK 😉

The zoo again

yes I know ,I keep posting about  zoo or wild animal park nowadays both  seem the same to me ,stroller kiddos n animals  and for me boredom but this time I had the opportunity to take some amazing snaps .Also we went on the safari bus ,it takes you as near as possible to the animals but you cannot touch them (that costs like $90 a person even for lil kanmani)

So we have saved that ocassion for her birthday.

beautiful bird huh..

 Now for the beautiful people in my life well beauty and the………’s dad


I feed sh  apples eveyday I cut into tiny pieces and run around her but I keep the bowl on the table.Always Dh eats from it ,if I ask him if he wants me to cut it for him ,he will say no but he will  continue eating from her bowl.Now I keep a measure of what SH eats ,if she eats more fine ,if its less then somehow I will try 2 compensate .
After lunch DH eats an apple so , I started cutting into lil pieces and I put it in a ziploc and give him so he can eat in the office.

initially he was as happy as a baby to take it .Recently th’o he stated saying stuff like , I dont want to add to ur workload ,I will eat the whole apple etetc.
Now I know him he does not care about my work load , when it comes to food !
So gently I persuaded him to tell the real reason ..turns out he is embarrassed , apparently his frnds made fun of him for carrying cut pieces of apple to the office ..

🙂 🙂 🙂

I cut in long strips make more interesting for him , but these photos are not mine .

world cup

if u can’t defeat join mycase him  aka my Dh,

I am not a big fan of sports , but i was a sportswoman myself and have 3 medals in sprints….hehehe

Since Dh insists in watching world cup I decided to join him.But the finals have gotten me breaking into sweats.The referee os doing a bad job IMHO .He shd have given a red card once  but he didn’t.Many more errors like that , I agree with commentators.

So I support the Spanish team .

But the sweating has left me wishing I had retreated to the bedroom and knitted as usual 🙂

Meanwhile Dh is keeping a safe distance 4m  on the couch,why? I tend to hit ,pinch ,push real rough when excited  hahaha.

Sh is thinking I am hurting her dad…


My Dh bought this as a gift for speaking to me like an AH today morning,I wish it was sugarfree also ,I cannot eat it often because I am blessed with PCOS .

Have a nice weekend nonexistent blog readers 🙂