Back to school

We went for a  meeting at her school and  discussed some things that were bothering me about Sh..I mean it never ends does it was like a meet n greet with the teacher n parents .

Anyway while I was waiting for my turn to talk to her teacher another parent was talking to her and she spoke about her other older  child who maybe having some learning issues problems..I dont want to discuss this further  because it another child .Now she has 2 kids with issues ,how cruel can God get?I have seen her kid in this class ,she is my daughter’ friend,a cutie too  .But her brother having problems too ,how much can a mom many special needs can she cater to in both her kiddos?

I felt bad for her ,until my turn came to talk the teacher and well I got so worked up and emotional telling sh’s problems .I was drained out by the end of the meeting and I have just one kid ..Dh suggested we eat out so we did .

seamless knitting ..has taken over me now 🙂 I knit this for her


2 responses to “Back to school

  1. I really hope you feel better…Hugs!!

    Bella looks so pleased next to her special chair and she’s so adorable in her new top that Mommy knit….awwww! Your princess is so very beautiful!!!

  2. thank u pp , this princess looks fwd to getting to know ur beautiful princess Kiki,someday 🙂

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