A letter from kanmani

Dear anyone

If you are reading this post , can you please ask my mom to stop knitting  .She knits and then forces these photo shoots on me ,that I am hardly interested in.I whine and run away but she catches me and bribes me with lollipops ,so its hard to refuse it.Also she pretends to get upset and covers her face (I know pretend upset,I do it a lot ,amma)

So I pose like this

and like this

and like this

But once in a while her plans to trick me works and she get the money shot, like this

BTW she knit this maroon color sweater for me ..she is obsessed with those long pointy things ,that I sometimes take and knit play with ,w/o her knowing of course:)


One response to “A letter from kanmani

  1. Oh my chweet Bella, I missed your beautiful face! Your mommy knits you lovely things and I don’t think she is going to stop anytime soon, but I am sure that you love wearing all of these pretty handknits! I love your new Chloe, it looks so adorable on you:)

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