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My daughter

Palmers Olive Oil Formula Hair & Scalp Conditioner Spray

I am obsessed with applying oil  for kanmani’s hair , I mean I take a drop of oil partion her hair and apply inch by inch using my finger tips .Originally I used (4m time I was able to apply oil on her hair ,since she was born)

I used this one religiously ,every single day until this year she used to get about a 45 mins of massage which included head ,body ,back ,feet  and face .I learnt it from internet .Even if I missed a single day I wud feel guilty so  I never missed  and frankly it used to be a stress buster for me too  🙂

Last time I went to a dept store , I was on the look out for a diff oil ,simply because I wanted a change from using the same oil and also because they changed the apricort to lemon and I hate the smell of lemon oil on her head

I came across this oil

Imagine my happiness when I saw it came with a spray  🙂 ,i need not part her hair to apply  oil , takes much less time and its olive oil ,good for the hair .

Perhaps I shd resume my  body massage routine too ,but I dunno , maybe I will…BTW that something(that I had blogged about 1 post back ) turned out to be nothing guys  😦   

Disappointed but ..well once I listen to music and go on a recovery mode for a

couple of  days, all will be well 🙂

Okay ,coming back to this oil , usually i do a ton of research b4 buying but this was an impulse purchase  ,so I dunno if there are harmful chemicals  and I dont want to look because it works so well .Wonderful smell , lightweight  and conditions her frizzy hair real well.Kanmani always has oil on her hair , I oil it everyday(or when it looks dry ) and thats how she goes to school, sometimes I wonder if her teachers may not like it ,but frankly I dont care  🙂

Hair needs oil .Atleast my daughters .

I want her to have really healthy ,lustrous shiny hair when she grows ,soon egg whites will make an appearance on her hair 😉  u know for conditioning

If u happen to know ,just let me know, thank you 🙂


a cute lil puppy

Kanmani had a jolly good time ,she never opened her mouth to say trick or treat even tho’ many tried to coach her 🙂

BTW she chose this puppy costume, I wanted her to choose..something with wings ..preferably  the tinker bell or lady bug for the cuteness factor  but she wanted this puppy or a giraffe , so we conceded to her wishes  🙂

She made  sure to check her bag after every stop ,managed to put on make up at the make up counter in nordstrom …BTW I am  dark skinned and have 2-toned lips   and I found the perfect    lipstick by Bobbi brown….. raisinberry

.Most of the shades here are geared towards the fair skin or the other  lipstick shades available are brown which dont suit me either  so  🙂

She was giddy with happiness 🙂 my sweet energiser bunny never stopped ….



One amazzing thing about this place ,I am rediscovering little boys,….the boys are so polite here ,so sweet with kanmani .so patient  with her it amazes me ..kudo to moms who raise such wonder sweet lil kids .

 One batch of boys coached her to ask for trick or treat and they waited,   she never said but ..I was moved , frankly I wud hv hugged them right there but I knew that wud be highly inappropriate   🙂

Instant gratification

 Needed to knit this one after knitting the blankie , it fits her perfectly and for a change dh likes it too ,so win-win for me .

In other news ,we got a bit of encouraging news from her school today , so there .Usually she is delayed so much that I end up coming out of the meetings feeling real sad but this time I was only exhausted ..but good exhausted .

Hey if u ever need pizza, ask this chef …while we were busy with the team she was baking all of us pizza .


About a dad and his daughter

So , we have been trying to make kanmani sleep alone from the time she was well and healthy  enough to sleep alone (in the same room as ours ).Sleep at night has always been her dad’s  dept , from the time she came home from the NICU , nightly feedings , she slept on Dh’s chest for almost 2 mos when she came home and Dh would sleep at an incline because that’s the way she was most comfy with (at that time we didn’t know she had GERD too).Every feeding he would check her  temperature  , change her diapers and feed her .Afternoons was my shift .We got her crib , in which I struggled to get her sleep , struggle being the keyword here because of her sensory issues.Finally I discovered , weighted blankets(click) I just used many heavy blankets on her leg ,at that time I did not know I was using this method , I only knew by trial n error that she liked gentle pressure on her leg and back .She finally learnt to sleep in her crib …alone .

So she slept in the crib for naps and slept with us during night and I made sure she slept on DH ‘s side because she can be the worst sleep companion ,she will never sleep , she will tantrum ,chatter ..etetc…

Now fast-forward , Dh has been complaining for quiet some time that she needs to sleep alone , because her requests were getting too much .She will ask DH to tell the same ‘paati vadai suttai ‘ story in tamil, then english then again tamil over n over.

Also DH in his attempt to make it interesting for her will introduce Dora , boots etc in the story and each day the characters change …but he was getting tired and he never loses his cool with her ..which takes a lots of effort for anyone .Then she will say she has work to do and run off to the living room and cry if he asks her to come back ..this happens everyday

This weekend we got her twin bed , dora sheets etetc and I managed to make her sleep in her room in her bed .

When it was bedtime for us both ,I was so happy I put the pillow in the middle of the bed (usually I will be hanging on in the edge of the bed )and thought from now on its going to be so peaceful .

do u know what dh did after lying down for few moment ?

‘do u think kanmani will feel lonely when she wakes up in the other room’, I miss her , what if she gets scared ……etetc..

..and he woke the sleeping baby and brought her back to our bedroom and I again clung to the edge of the bed  :), once I rolled of the bed and ell down ,now it california queen size but , kanmani takes a lot of space and Dh wants her to sleep comfy so we both give her the space

hey amma I will be BACK 😉

In Kanmani’s world

This is how humans look  🙂

Notice the dot on the forhead thats the bindi  Indian women keep .She is perfectionist ,my child .

Also notice the  skinny arms ,if you anlayse the snap well enough you can see it  .Another da Vinci, perhaps ?lol just kidding,but u already knew that didn’t u ?   😉

who u lookin’ at ?



Ah..mother daughter bonding moments ,i hv seen them in blogs where mom-daughter duo do crafts , dress-up,simple imag play but how do you think Sh and I bond ?

Over this piece of device.Its a brookstone massager

We both use  this for massaging each others back (I use it by myself ),kanmani uses this for her oral stimulation too..better than putting in a paci right .She loves holding this and feeling the vibrations ,she lies down in pleasure on my lap when I massage her jaw(tension points ) and her  back with this .I hv seen her get droopy with sleep when I use this on her ,I bought this last year when Dh gifted me $100 ,I don’t remember the occassion .

So, we bond   🙂  just a bit differently

The zoo again

yes I know ,I keep posting about  zoo or wild animal park nowadays both  seem the same to me ,stroller kiddos n animals  and for me boredom but this time I had the opportunity to take some amazing snaps .Also we went on the safari bus ,it takes you as near as possible to the animals but you cannot touch them (that costs like $90 a person even for lil kanmani)

So we have saved that ocassion for her birthday.

beautiful bird huh..

 Now for the beautiful people in my life well beauty and the………’s dad

Just because I have a cutie

oops she has a paunch mommy like daughter ..ahem …


This post describes my daughter aptly,but he has written abt his son in  such  a humorous way .I cud hv written it except that , I can’t write it as well 😉 as this dad

Also she has to have her milk in the feeding bottle , and TV shd be on .Any channel I choose is wrong ..u get the point .

Ah kids the stressful lives they lead 🙂 compared to us …also when I wanted her to get tested , the teacher was surprised because the way she behaves in school is exactly the same  as the way that dad has described (if u hv read the link above describe thing 3 )except the potty part.Everything else is the same including not using the word potty at home.Initially it was like huge adventure going in the potty ,then it got boring for her ,I mean before  she began using the potty , she cud stand anywhere and do her business but now she has to walk to her potty people u know how much work that is ?

So she has started screaming tantruming  requesting for her diaper

love you kanmani