About my  daughter

I conceived using  medications ,lost a still born boy on dec 24 th midnight a perfectly healthy at 19wks  ,suffered internal hemorrhage for a month slowly, with ER visits every friday soo much i feared fridays …because of dr’s mistake  and had 3 blood transfusions.They never identified why I lost my baby . Again after another round (s) of IF treatments, I conceived but this time I put my foot down and requested a perinatal dr from my RE.He said just after 1 loss , they could never determine the cause …JUST after 1 loss ..when did it become JUST?They would not refer me to to high-risk maternal-fetal specialist either but I  requested my RE  to refer me since I did not want to lose another one

I had an emergent cerclage  at 13 wks during routine  weekly check up with my maternal fetal specialists (thankfully on that day I was examined by the head of the grp and not the dud who had been assigned to me )and was on mag sulphate (which they overdosed me once because they went wrong on my weight !!).and on bedrest at 180 degrees  for  3 mos , even b4 cerclage I refused to go out anywhere , something stopped me from gallivanting  about town with my pregnancy , after cerclage ,yes i ate lying down peed lying down etc ..and sh tore thru my cerclage and was born at 27wk .She had IUGR ..so many issues .

Rather than repeat her story again
Eliza story is same as my daughter’s and this one.I can repeat it but its only this year that I am even able to talk about all this .and watch medical related series on TV…I never celebrate her  b’day .I feel bitter of the time that had been robbed from my baby .She came home on monitor ,apnea and bradycardia …was on it for 6 mos .etetc

Ok today I got Sh to eat egg ,well if you know her you would realise its an almost impossible task .We have been trying for almost 1.5 years.

Once I spent 2 hours in the common area in our apartment trying to make her take the second bite…everything was promptly spit…once I entered the apartment.

This is what worked for us.now you have to understand the same food below is not our first attemt ,I have lost count of the number of attempts

I prepared Maggi noodles.I cooked an egg in boiling water,also I can’t cook noodles, always turn out soft and mushy almot puree.

Even the eggs is of same texture .Mix it together and give .


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