Dental visit

Saturday I had been to the dentist for a deep cleaning .Wow I got lucky and got a really nice person , he explained each and every step before doing it and kept me distracted,  all the while .

Then he told me something interesting , he suggested that I may be anemic because while cleaning even tho’ I did not have many deep pockets in my gums  I was bleeding a bit too  easily and taking time to clot .

The fact it that I am tired all the time , yes .From the time I wake up to when I goto sleep ,I feel a bit guilty complaining abt this because I have only 1 kiddo …she is high-spirited child agreed…she does hv a bit of OCD too ..but .

So i am planning to get blood work done ..ahh I hate this blood work buisness.In other news I may have lost a bit of  weight and hv almost finished tagging items for the  sale .

Well more on that later


One response to “Dental visit

  1. Losing weight is always the best feeling, I read that and thought “wow, how did she do that!” I hope that it isn’t because you’re anemic and I hope you get your bloodwork done soon. Take care!

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