• she can close the window using the touch pad and mouse
  • she cannot yet read but somehow  she can put the shows she wants on Netflix (only 3 shows r there Dora ,cailou and barney ooh n wiggles are there on the main page but), i am guessing fluke ,but she definitely cannot read .
  • she can goto the next episode ,she knows  what she wants !
  • she can paint /draw rocket , smiley etc on MS Paint using the mouse , she know how to even choose the colors she wants from palette , she has seen me doing it(when i feed her food ,i will even stand on my head if that will make her eat) ,I did not sit n teach her
  • she can play angry birds (dh taught her how to play)game in iPhone and can take snaps goto the games folder etc all by herself …navigation in the iPhone ,we did not teach her to navigate
  • of course she can take snaps using our camera
  • now she is trying out games in

The only toy kanmani has liked consistently is the PC …who am I to stop her .

We have bought Melissa and Doug puzzles many of them actually , various assortment of toys , even a toddler laptop ..noppppppppppe this is the one she wants .

Now would you hire her  ;)she will work for chocolates


One response to “skills

  1. Yay Bella, you go girl!!!!!

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