is this sweater too tiny for her

okay I want to knit another one ,now  but I am confused .shd I knit or this sweater fitting her perfectly ?BTW she agreed for a chocolate in xchange for a million dollars to pose  😉  she said she will collect that later

She has big tummy ,tho’


cute lil cardi

My supermodel refuses to get out of bed unless I give her a million dollars  like Linda evengelista , but she did specify she wanted basketball buttons ,so I have sewed them on,its a tad bit fitting for her but since she removed it immediately I am  not sure if thats a problem

titbit :Every single time I use this yarn and I have used this for many  FO’s dh will ask me..oooh is this the expensive yarn ..its simply soft by caron 🙂


1.Buying kanmani clothes : absolutely enjoy it.Every week,   I do window shopping for her dresses ,hairbands etc …its the most wonderful thing for me .Sometimes I do overindulge myself 🙂  in buying for her

2.Buying veggies :Guilt-free shopping , I love buying the veggies , even tho’ I dunno how to choose them , I take my time to browse around n buy them

3. Shoes : If there is one kind of shopping I avoid , until almost my shoes are unwearable (I mean beginning to tear )… simply because I dont like heels , I dont do pedi so my feet have to be covered and they shd be 100% comfy .Bass shoes suit me well and in India Dr.Scholls was awesome.
Buying shoes for kanmani tho’ is a like walking on a bed of nails in 200F ,yes my girl detests trying on diff shoes .Dh on the other hand is so impatient(when he buys for him self ) he ends buying the wrong size every single time .
After we come home , he will complain .

4.Going to ralphs Albertsons etc : love it !
I like browsing the hair care section and the books section , hair care for kanmani n books section for myself ..usually i end buying some new healthy food for kanmani hoping she will try it

5.yarn shopping : love ,love love it .Since my stash has grown soo much ,its almost scary looking now , I have now limited myself to browsing only,also I have to go atleast once a week to my LYS and touch the yarn feel them n come home.
In Bangalore ,every single week I would goto commercial street and go window shopping it used to be my stress buster 🙂

6.Clothes for myself :
Tops : yuck hate it .If i get myself what I need then it makes me very happy 100% cotton , since I am top heavy , the style of the tops better minimize  and not maximize ,u ..know so I dont look like I am carrying 2 torpedoes 🙂
Most of the tops here tho’ are suited for flat chested women …why is it like that I wonder ,or it has polyester not skin friendly
Jeans : I dread it because , every time my size wud hv increased and I will try to fool my body by squeezing into the same size 🙂
Always buy gap because I find it lightweight and long lasting .BTW now that I hv lost weight 4 lbs perhaps more i hv stopped measuring but my pants are wayyy looser ..or perhaps i am dreaming
…I may need to buy this time hopefully a smaller size pls.Also not a big fan of trousers , simply because I cant bother ironing them(n washing them often ) ..but kanmani has to wear only ironed clothes to school ,thats my rule 🙂
Dh : He is the most indecisive man I hv known in my life .so I take kanmani somewhere while he chooses , he takes more time than me BTW 🙂

7.Handbags , makeup etc : Once Dh bought me bare minerals otherwise I dont like any kind of makeup ..unless I HAVE to wear it .Also abhor handbags .
Prefer plastic grocery bags …but Dh insisted I own a credit card n handbag so this year I got them both .My mother likes handbags  ,she used to buy one for work every  year  🙂 ,what is it with women and their bags ?
Plain simple ones that look like satchel

I own this brand but w/o the buckles , n sterday I bought another one in Bass shoe shop for the trip , dh ‘s doing again.

I want kanmani to love handbags ,dressing up ,makeup , shoes heels n all ..u know be fashionable n groovy chick when she grows up 🙂

Why this post on shopping ,yesterday we went shoe shopping for all three of us ,thats why 🙂

BTW if you are in san diego check this out

yummmyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂 ………uh-oh i can hear my jean size increasing exponentially 🙂

why do i feel old ?

I feel like I have lived a 100 yrs, at times, like I am aged and have experienced it all.I dont get it .This weird feeling , then when I am talking to someone ,I think wow that person  is so young and then i realize that the person is    definitely not much  younger /older   than me but I feel much much older than anyone I am talking to.Feel like a dinosaur  🙂 like some time travelling machine deposited me here…just weary perhaps ?

If that meant I was giving them smarter ideas  then it wud mean I was far more mature..but thats the thing I am not the one giving smarter ideas , either..okay sometimes I do but thats how it normally is ,isn’t it

I just feel damn old when I talk to anyone these days .

I am not ageist , i dont care ..see this is not about the physical age ….its the thoughts …of feeling older , extinct somehow …I dont know how to put it in words 🙂
Like I belong to my grandma’s gen and not this one ,right now .Perhaps its because …my wavelength matched theirs and all my grandparents friends ..yes everyone of them used to like me ..and I used to enjoy their company too.

Its taken a long time to get somethings in life that shd have been much easier …like kanmani ..could that be the reason…the delays…the waiting periods perhaps short perhaps an illusion of ages spent waiting ..makes the time seem longer ?

For now I am mum/grandmum  🙂

I like this singer’s voice 🙂

a cute lil puppy

Kanmani had a jolly good time ,she never opened her mouth to say trick or treat even tho’ many tried to coach her 🙂

BTW she chose this puppy costume, I wanted her to choose..something with wings ..preferably  the tinker bell or lady bug for the cuteness factor  but she wanted this puppy or a giraffe , so we conceded to her wishes  🙂

She made  sure to check her bag after every stop ,managed to put on make up at the make up counter in nordstrom …BTW I am  dark skinned and have 2-toned lips   and I found the perfect    lipstick by Bobbi brown….. raisinberry

.Most of the shades here are geared towards the fair skin or the other  lipstick shades available are brown which dont suit me either  so  🙂

She was giddy with happiness 🙂 my sweet energiser bunny never stopped ….



One amazzing thing about this place ,I am rediscovering little boys,….the boys are so polite here ,so sweet with kanmani .so patient  with her it amazes me ..kudo to moms who raise such wonder sweet lil kids .

 One batch of boys coached her to ask for trick or treat and they waited,   she never said but ..I was moved , frankly I wud hv hugged them right there but I knew that wud be highly inappropriate   🙂


Something abt the song’s lyrics ,music appealed to me .The video tho’ …not at all.
The song is titled Broken .

Dh had the good fortune to hear this band life on friday 🙂 some event organised by the company he is employed in , for their customers ,he was sooo excited n happy like a teenage boy .He had heard the songs on radio n liked them ,so he was like superr charged, hearing them live …w/o paying a dime 🙂

This is a diff band ,but I like this song all the same

A trip to the zoo

The zoo is different from the wild animal park (which we frequent ) in the way the entrance looks.

We bought a tiger styled glasses for kanmani because she wanted one , she saw me wearing cooling glasses,

We visited the aviary but you can’t see the birds , I focussed only on these denim models 🙂

Then came the sky safari

U can never see any animal photos even tho’ we were in the zoo, b4 she was born I had taken many snaps of them ,and I am all done with them :), oooook fine here below is the gazelle  just one animal .

Here she is pretending to be a tiger

This was inside  the polar bear cave,it was sleeping

In this foto below u can see the polar bear sleeping behind bella’s right handed shoulder ,on top of the rock

She had so much fun in this helicopter , she was pretending to drive and talking  so fast …it made me laugh hard

Finally the pilot was forced to pose for the camera by her dad

 The rest of the sight seeing went like this , we saw a panda baby this time he was so adorable .Below is the panda baby cute  🙂

2morrow trick or treat post , it was so wonderful today , Happy Halloween 🙂

pumpkin patch

Really is any blog complete w/o a mention of pumpkin patches ,particularly when the said blog owner has a toddler at home  🙂

This is how  kanmani spent time in the pumpkin patch ,she refused to walk on the hay covered ground ..if there  was hay-free ground then she wud walk or else she was like this

and like this

When we did manage to make her sit on the stands she posed like this

so we figured a couple of rides might loosen her up and we started with the cars ,

She kept yelling that’s she was going to the mall….a girl after my own heart …hmmmmmmmm

Finished with land transportation we had to travel in a boat next  🙂

then we did pony ride ,where she promptly shouted ‘yee-haw’ every few mins w/o any prompting from us and petted the horse so much

why does she put her hands in the air every time she yells yee-haw ?

Then the slides ..

Later when I asked my Dh why he skipped the slides the 3rd time onwards he said he was terrified …and well Kanmani refused to go alone but she insisted on going with her dad ..she loved the slide sooo much

Followed by the strawberry ride

Followed by the yummiest  kettle popcorn I hv ever tasted in my life

Then we returned  home  🙂    2010 pumpkin patch ,done


  • I have realised ,I dont want to knit for anybody else except kanmani ,I got bored knitting the blankie and a couple of other gifts I have done  in the past , scarves, caps,booties ,for others …..nope I dont want to knit for other babies too…and I love babies
  • So this means she is my muse right ?I dont even want to knit for Dh..I bought yarn thinking I would knit for my mother  ,then I changed it to knitting for MIL ..finally now , I have realised none would give me as much pleasure as knitting for my daughter…its not a mother-daughter thing..its something  even more frivolous , I am sure
  • So from now on , I am never going to knit anyone anything..not that people are queueing up my door …but u get it
  • The mind is a strange , mad thing all I can conclude from this

Instant gratification

 Needed to knit this one after knitting the blankie , it fits her perfectly and for a change dh likes it too ,so win-win for me .

In other news ,we got a bit of encouraging news from her school today , so there .Usually she is delayed so much that I end up coming out of the meetings feeling real sad but this time I was only exhausted ..but good exhausted .

Hey if u ever need pizza, ask this chef …while we were busy with the team she was baking all of us pizza .