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such a sweet song

Bruno’s eyes are so beautiful


This one’s for the girls

Really , what’s not there to like in this song 🙂

take me away


Such a beautiful girl with perfect features and an awesome song from AR Rehman,while seeing this girl I felt one day my daughter too will grow up as big as this girl on the video ..and i felt thrilled ,and she would be  my daughter ..crazy thots?!cannot wait for her to grow up ….probably say then that it was better when she was small ,huh?

I remember when she was in NICU inside the isolette ,one of the nurses told me ,that now she was lying down so helpless and all u  want to do is take her home..but one day will come when she will scream her head off put tantrums and I will wish ..she was all done with home and was out in the world n grown up…

i wish now  🙂 but happily ,and I thank that nurse for giving me hope that day 🙂

zara zara

loved bombay jaishree’s voice in tamil version and I thot nothing cud beat it until I heard this hindi version WOW!!

This song just makes me breathless every time I hear it ,the singer ‘s voice and lyrics so soulful

Another wonderful song but bad recording

Best kannada actor/director/handsome guy/ best song


Why i love Sps ‘s voice and arr

my most fav ..yeah i know I keep saying it for all songs

Love this movie and song

Lady Antebellum

This  guy’s voice is so diff and wonderr-rrful..from the playlist I made for my friend  🙂

Another one by Amy

If my Sh decided to pursue a career in music well that would make my dream come true ,she does have looks and voice for it 😉

Dedicated to my grandma

my new fav

Wet Wet Wet

This song was, still is 1 of my fav during school/college days…and so is Hugh grant

In the song below I loved the music during the chorus

I love Elton John’s voice , I do like like the guys in Blue too

I get goosepimples when I hear him singing this song:)