Palmers Olive Oil Formula Hair & Scalp Conditioner Spray

I am obsessed with applying oil  for kanmani’s hair , I mean I take a drop of oil partion her hair and apply inch by inch using my finger tips .Originally I used (4m time I was able to apply oil on her hair ,since she was born)

I used this one religiously ,every single day until this year she used to get about a 45 mins of massage which included head ,body ,back ,feet  and face .I learnt it from internet .Even if I missed a single day I wud feel guilty so  I never missed  and frankly it used to be a stress buster for me too  🙂

Last time I went to a dept store , I was on the look out for a diff oil ,simply because I wanted a change from using the same oil and also because they changed the apricort to lemon and I hate the smell of lemon oil on her head

I came across this oil

Imagine my happiness when I saw it came with a spray  🙂 ,i need not part her hair to apply  oil , takes much less time and its olive oil ,good for the hair .

Perhaps I shd resume my  body massage routine too ,but I dunno , maybe I will…BTW that something(that I had blogged about 1 post back ) turned out to be nothing guys  😦   

Disappointed but ..well once I listen to music and go on a recovery mode for a

couple of  days, all will be well 🙂

Okay ,coming back to this oil , usually i do a ton of research b4 buying but this was an impulse purchase  ,so I dunno if there are harmful chemicals  and I dont want to look because it works so well .Wonderful smell , lightweight  and conditions her frizzy hair real well.Kanmani always has oil on her hair , I oil it everyday(or when it looks dry ) and thats how she goes to school, sometimes I wonder if her teachers may not like it ,but frankly I dont care  🙂

Hair needs oil .Atleast my daughters .

I want her to have really healthy ,lustrous shiny hair when she grows ,soon egg whites will make an appearance on her hair 😉  u know for conditioning

If u happen to know ,just let me know, thank you 🙂


2 responses to “Palmers Olive Oil Formula Hair & Scalp Conditioner Spray

  1. I have to confess that I have never oiled Kiki’s hair because I always think that it won’t wash off. I love Burts Bees products, they really work!

  2. Egg whites and mayonnaise, that’s what I’ve always heard 🙂

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