Mike n Molly

Made me smile after a long day of frowns.
I have to admit I hv always have hade an extra-soft corner for weight challenged persons..simply because my original apple of my eye ,my cousin sis was fat.
She has struggled with her weight right from the time she was 6-8 yrs old,her mom my mom’s younger sis was the best mom anyone cud hope for .But this weight bothered her and she used to be harsh on her hoping that the harshness wud u know force her to eat sensibly.
It only made her more stressful and eat more .and I loved her with all my heart .Her #1 reason for weight was her eating habits , nobody else was heavy in our entire family her dad’s side included .
She had no underlying health conditions which cud hv contributed to her weight .She just ate ..anything she cud get her hands on .

She was/is brilliant ,a rank holder every time (made me proud as a peacock ) still this weight never really melted off of her .So seeing her struggle like that made me warm up instantly towards anyone who was heavier ,and really they are the funniest persons warmest persons on earth .

This sitcom embodies everything about weight challenged persons…its warm sweet n incredibly funny .We can watch without wrinkling our nose in disgust like some other series where they try to pass offense as humor

Note: I am not talking abt us who r just trying to lose w few pounds ,no I am talking about anyone who struggles to lose weight every single day of their life from their childhood ,unable to wear clothes they want to wear (in my cuzn case she longed to wear jeans n look chic ).
Recently she told me tho’ akka everyone is fat(India ) now ,so I fit in with the crowd.
As a child she never fit in because kids are generally thin/slim


One response to “Mike n Molly

  1. That is sad that your cousin felt like she didn’t fit in because of her weight. Society and the media puts so much pressure on us women to look a certain type, or dress a certain way. That’s what triggers off the feelings of insecurity and low self esteem. This show is great because although it’s based around two people who struggle with their weight, their weight doesn’t define who they are and what they do. They are just two wonderful people.

    BTW, I began watching Mike and Molly too (I loved Melissa McCarthy in Gilmore Girls, I heart that show!!!!!!!)

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