1.Buying kanmani clothes : absolutely enjoy it.Every week,   I do window shopping for her dresses ,hairbands etc …its the most wonderful thing for me .Sometimes I do overindulge myself 🙂  in buying for her

2.Buying veggies :Guilt-free shopping , I love buying the veggies , even tho’ I dunno how to choose them , I take my time to browse around n buy them

3. Shoes : If there is one kind of shopping I avoid , until almost my shoes are unwearable (I mean beginning to tear )… simply because I dont like heels , I dont do pedi so my feet have to be covered and they shd be 100% comfy .Bass shoes suit me well and in India Dr.Scholls was awesome.
Buying shoes for kanmani tho’ is a like walking on a bed of nails in 200F ,yes my girl detests trying on diff shoes .Dh on the other hand is so impatient(when he buys for him self ) he ends buying the wrong size every single time .
After we come home , he will complain .

4.Going to ralphs Albertsons etc : love it !
I like browsing the hair care section and the books section , hair care for kanmani n books section for myself ..usually i end buying some new healthy food for kanmani hoping she will try it

5.yarn shopping : love ,love love it .Since my stash has grown soo much ,its almost scary looking now , I have now limited myself to browsing only,also I have to go atleast once a week to my LYS and touch the yarn feel them n come home.
In Bangalore ,every single week I would goto commercial street and go window shopping it used to be my stress buster 🙂

6.Clothes for myself :
Tops : yuck hate it .If i get myself what I need then it makes me very happy 100% cotton , since I am top heavy , the style of the tops better minimize  and not maximize ,u ..know so I dont look like I am carrying 2 torpedoes 🙂
Most of the tops here tho’ are suited for flat chested women …why is it like that I wonder ,or it has polyester not skin friendly
Jeans : I dread it because , every time my size wud hv increased and I will try to fool my body by squeezing into the same size 🙂
Always buy gap because I find it lightweight and long lasting .BTW now that I hv lost weight 4 lbs perhaps more i hv stopped measuring but my pants are wayyy looser ..or perhaps i am dreaming
…I may need to buy this time hopefully a smaller size pls.Also not a big fan of trousers , simply because I cant bother ironing them(n washing them often ) ..but kanmani has to wear only ironed clothes to school ,thats my rule 🙂
Dh : He is the most indecisive man I hv known in my life .so I take kanmani somewhere while he chooses , he takes more time than me BTW 🙂

7.Handbags , makeup etc : Once Dh bought me bare minerals otherwise I dont like any kind of makeup ..unless I HAVE to wear it .Also abhor handbags .
Prefer plastic grocery bags …but Dh insisted I own a credit card n handbag so this year I got them both .My mother likes handbags  ,she used to buy one for work every  year  🙂 ,what is it with women and their bags ?
Plain simple ones that look like satchel

I own this brand but w/o the buckles , n sterday I bought another one in Bass shoe shop for the trip , dh ‘s doing again.

I want kanmani to love handbags ,dressing up ,makeup , shoes heels n all ..u know be fashionable n groovy chick when she grows up 🙂

Why this post on shopping ,yesterday we went shoe shopping for all three of us ,thats why 🙂

BTW if you are in san diego check this out

yummmyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂 ………uh-oh i can hear my jean size increasing exponentially 🙂


2 responses to “Shopping

  1. Woot woot for going down a size! I have to confess that I am the crazy handbag, shoe, makeup lady – although I’ve really sobered up shopping-wise since we moved.
    BTW, I got the Raisinberry and I luuuuuuurve it!!!!

  2. haha.. I am almost a no-choice person too.. but trying to learn from friends and cousins around 🙂

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