why do i feel old ?

I feel like I have lived a 100 yrs, at times, like I am aged and have experienced it all.I dont get it .This weird feeling , then when I am talking to someone ,I think wow that person  is so young and then i realize that the person is    definitely not much  younger /older   than me but I feel much much older than anyone I am talking to.Feel like a dinosaur  🙂 like some time travelling machine deposited me here…just weary perhaps ?

If that meant I was giving them smarter ideas  then it wud mean I was far more mature..but thats the thing I am not the one giving smarter ideas , either..okay sometimes I do but thats how it normally is ,isn’t it

I just feel damn old when I talk to anyone these days .

I am not ageist , i dont care ..see this is not about the physical age ….its the thoughts …of feeling older , extinct somehow …I dont know how to put it in words 🙂
Like I belong to my grandma’s gen and not this one ,right now .Perhaps its because …my wavelength matched theirs and all my grandparents friends ..yes everyone of them used to like me ..and I used to enjoy their company too.

Its taken a long time to get somethings in life that shd have been much easier …like kanmani ..could that be the reason…the delays…the waiting periods perhaps short perhaps an illusion of ages spent waiting ..makes the time seem longer ?

For now I am mum/grandmum  🙂

I like this singer’s voice 🙂


One response to “why do i feel old ?

  1. Since I am the oldest one in our family (for real!!!), I feel ancient:) But, I get what you’re saying too. Sometimes I seem to get along better with my aunts and uncles than with my cousins. This happened after I became a mother and I never really thought about it until now.

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