a cute lil puppy

Kanmani had a jolly good time ,she never opened her mouth to say trick or treat even tho’ many tried to coach her 🙂

BTW she chose this puppy costume, I wanted her to choose..something with wings ..preferably  the tinker bell or lady bug for the cuteness factor  but she wanted this puppy or a giraffe , so we conceded to her wishes  🙂

She made  sure to check her bag after every stop ,managed to put on make up at the make up counter in nordstrom …BTW I am  dark skinned and have 2-toned lips   and I found the perfect    lipstick by Bobbi brown….. raisinberry

.Most of the shades here are geared towards the fair skin or the other  lipstick shades available are brown which dont suit me either  so  🙂

She was giddy with happiness 🙂 my sweet energiser bunny never stopped ….



One amazzing thing about this place ,I am rediscovering little boys,….the boys are so polite here ,so sweet with kanmani .so patient  with her it amazes me ..kudo to moms who raise such wonder sweet lil kids .

 One batch of boys coached her to ask for trick or treat and they waited,   she never said but ..I was moved , frankly I wud hv hugged them right there but I knew that wud be highly inappropriate   🙂


2 responses to “a cute lil puppy

  1. aww! such a cute puppy!

  2. The cuteness factor is out of this world:) She is going to break many hearts!!!

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