A trip to the zoo

The zoo is different from the wild animal park (which we frequent ) in the way the entrance looks.

We bought a tiger styled glasses for kanmani because she wanted one , she saw me wearing cooling glasses,

We visited the aviary but you can’t see the birds , I focussed only on these denim models 🙂

Then came the sky safari

U can never see any animal photos even tho’ we were in the zoo, b4 she was born I had taken many snaps of them ,and I am all done with them :), oooook fine here below is the gazelle  just one animal .

Here she is pretending to be a tiger

This was inside  the polar bear cave,it was sleeping

In this foto below u can see the polar bear sleeping behind bella’s right handed shoulder ,on top of the rock

She had so much fun in this helicopter , she was pretending to drive and talking  so fast …it made me laugh hard

Finally the pilot was forced to pose for the camera by her dad

 The rest of the sight seeing went like this , we saw a panda baby this time he was so adorable .Below is the panda baby ..so cute  🙂

2morrow trick or treat post , it was so wonderful today , Happy Halloween 🙂


One response to “A trip to the zoo

  1. She’s rockin’ those glasses!!!!

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