pumpkin patch

Really is any blog complete w/o a mention of pumpkin patches ,particularly when the said blog owner has a toddler at home  🙂

This is how  kanmani spent time in the pumpkin patch ,she refused to walk on the hay covered ground ..if there  was hay-free ground then she wud walk or else she was like this

and like this

When we did manage to make her sit on the stands she posed like this

so we figured a couple of rides might loosen her up and we started with the cars ,

She kept yelling that’s she was going to the mall….a girl after my own heart …hmmmmmmmm

Finished with land transportation we had to travel in a boat next  🙂

then we did pony ride ,where she promptly shouted ‘yee-haw’ every few mins w/o any prompting from us and petted the horse so much

why does she put her hands in the air every time she yells yee-haw ?

Then the slides ..

Later when I asked my Dh why he skipped the slides the 3rd time onwards he said he was terrified …and well Kanmani refused to go alone but she insisted on going with her dad ..she loved the slide sooo much

Followed by the strawberry ride

Followed by the yummiest  kettle popcorn I hv ever tasted in my life

Then we returned  home  🙂    2010 pumpkin patch ,done


2 responses to “pumpkin patch

  1. OMG, that is too much cuteness on one page!!!! I love how she’s hanging onto your DH’s leg, so, so cute!!! But then in the last picture….she did it, she’s standing on the hay covered ground, yee-haw!!!

  2. i never noticed that 🙂 , ur ultra-sharp pp

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