• I have realised ,I dont want to knit for anybody else except kanmani ,I got bored knitting the blankie and a couple of other gifts I have done  in the past , scarves, caps,booties ,for others …..nope I dont want to knit for other babies too…and I love babies
  • So this means she is my muse right ?I dont even want to knit for Dh..I bought yarn thinking I would knit for my mother  ,then I changed it to knitting for MIL ..finally now , I have realised none would give me as much pleasure as knitting for my daughter…its not a mother-daughter thing..its something  even more frivolous , I am sure
  • So from now on , I am never going to knit anyone anything..not that people are queueing up my door …but u get it
  • The mind is a strange , mad thing all I can conclude from this

One response to “Muse?

  1. Yay, we’re going to see Bella in more of mommy’s handknits!!! Knitting for Bella is the best – she is covered in her mother’s love with each stitch. That is such a special thing:) Good choice…the best!!

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