Ah..mother daughter bonding moments ,i hv seen them in blogs where mom-daughter duo do crafts , dress-up,simple imag play but how do you think Sh and I bond ?

Over this piece of device.Its a brookstone massager

We both use  this for massaging each others back (I use it by myself ),kanmani uses this for her oral stimulation too..better than putting in a paci right .She loves holding this and feeling the vibrations ,she lies down in pleasure on my lap when I massage her jaw(tension points ) and her  back with this .I hv seen her get droopy with sleep when I use this on her ,I bought this last year when Dh gifted me $100 ,I don’t remember the occassion .

So, we bond   🙂  just a bit differently


One response to “Bonding

  1. Kiki doesn’t have the patience for mother-daughter crafts and make believe play time. The most she’ll do is have a 5 minute tea party with me. Wow a portable masseuse…I could get used to that! Does this really work to reduce the knots in your back and shoulders??

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