Apple picking

Sh’s teacher had recommended an apple picking orchard this week .Since the whole week she has been doing apple related activities in school, Dh wanted to go to that orchard .

This place is in Julian known for its pies , so for me the  attraction lay in the pies , I agreed and off we went.It was 90 F and by the time we reached there,  a 45 min drive kanmani was tired but that did not stop her from apple picking, she 2k to it like a fish takes to water…she loved picking the apples because the trees themselves were as tall as her .Dh n I had to go on our knees and pull the cute lil apples from the trees.

After that we went to Julian , they  had craft exhibits in the city center and a couple of other places filled with knit items and I enjoyed looking at them ,I did not buy any the cheapest shawl was $20 and it was 100%   acrylic ,so it was no temptation for me but a feast for my eyes.Kanmani loved tha apple pie with crumbs and dh loved boysenberry pie ,I ate the plain apple pie because pecan pie was unavailable .

We came home with $10 worth of tiny apples (thats how much u pay for a bag they provide is fill-up-the bag)

Saturday was the mall train time for Sh and she enjoyed it as usual with a godiva chocolate in her mouth ,seriously even if we forget to buy one for she will ask before sitting in the train  🙂

There was a new ride which I thought we shd check out ,it had hug furry animals with wheels which the kids could ride on .An  area of the mall has been cordoned of for this place and it was fun for Kanmani ,she rode the bunny which was the slowest one

hey amma ,can we go eat apple pie now  😉


4 responses to “Apple picking

  1. aww the furry lil bunny! makes me feel like i was a kid again. and her expression in the big sun hat 😀 priceless! also, you guys still have 90 degree weather? amazing. we are at 60-50 already and while this encourages me to knit more, my extremities get so cold while knitting!

  2. u r sooo lucky 🙂 , i keep churning out caps n vests but its so warm here , she has even outgrown a few :),whats ur mail id ?

  3. She’s so sweet in her hat! Apple pie….yum!! We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend which was great fun too:)
    P.S: Please blow some 90 degree weather our way. Thanks:)

  4. ill message u my mail id on ravelry. btw is kanmani a nickname?

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