No Problem

This is what Sh tells  me all the time ,  no problem.

Also she has discovered lights at the ripe age of 3 ,so if previously if switches caused her anxiety now its entertaining for her .She switches all the lights on , even when it is 100 F outside and I am literally blinded with all the natural brightness coming into our home ,she goes and switches on the artificial lights.

So I have cellotaped all the switches .Yesterday ,I almost fell down because of my own  bright   idea ,I wanted to drink water but I tripped over a big sized lid Sh’s boat …because I could not swtich on the light.

 She chooses her toys from the kitchen like pots and cups ,big spatulas and she leaves them all around the home 🙂

So every morning its like treasure hunt for me ,’now where will the black spatula be ‘ and I search and find it right in her room under the table .

Knitting wise well not much ,I am knitting a blanket for someone special(aren’ they all )..thats about it .


One response to “No Problem

  1. Hope you found that spatula! She’s so precious!!

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