my girl

Love her so much ,see 2 days back I was really tired because I had kept my mouth open for like 3hrs  for some dental stuff.When I came back home daughter was cranky because she had missed her nap and I had tons of work to do so I was cranky n tired too.

She is sensitive to sounds ,particularly the pressure cooker , and i had to cook dal for dinner .Usually I tell her in advance and she will run to the bedroom and close the door and stay there until I call her .So after cooking I went in and the door was not shut .

When I peeked in my girl had gone to sleep with the door open and with the cooking sounds :).She has rec’d extensive therapy for the sound issues(therapeutic listening)

A first time in 3.5 years of her life .She has never ever slept w/o frustrating me or her dad ever .Sleep is a big issue for this little girl.

So relieved I kind of laid down on the couch because my tooth and generally my whole mouth was paining .Then I began to feel alone, the house was quiet , it was night  and started to think of my grandparents, memories came  flooding back  in huge waves , sad ones happy ones .

Then I heard a noise of the door opening and kanmani came upto me climbed on top of me and snuggled /kissed  and I felt not alone .like I ws being covered with  a warm blanket .This emotion ,happiness is so fleeting that when it does occur , its like time stands still.

This incident prompted such a post from me .I was bullied as a kid , when I was in the first standard these kids from the same rickshaw (transportation like school bus )used to bully whenever I got the first rank while we we were waiting for the rickshaw.There was one leader (all girls)and the rest whether they liked or not participated .Once my mom had bought peanuts for them and when she was not there they spit the peanut shellings on my lap …all because I was good at studies .I was not a nerd ,just first standard(grade)I was good at sports , too.Bullies dont need a reason.

Even if Tyler Clementi was digging his nose,  nobody had a right to broadcast it,its wrong .This dharun ravi and the other  girl were sadistic bullies .

My heart goes out to Tyler Clementi’s mother .


One response to “my girl

  1. That is so unfair of the bullies and such a waste of Tyler’s life at their expense. No punishment is severe enough for bullies! I was bullied as a child too which is why I found comfort and strength in crafts. SH’s actions towards you is pure unadulterated love, such a sweetie:)

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