This post describes my daughter aptly,but he has written abt his son in  such  a humorous way .I cud hv written it except that , I can’t write it as well 😉 as this dad

Also she has to have her milk in the feeding bottle , and TV shd be on .Any channel I choose is wrong ..u get the point .

Ah kids the stressful lives they lead 🙂 compared to us …also when I wanted her to get tested , the teacher was surprised because the way she behaves in school is exactly the same  as the way that dad has described (if u hv read the link above describe thing 3 )except the potty part.Everything else is the same including not using the word potty at home.Initially it was like huge adventure going in the potty ,then it got boring for her ,I mean before  she began using the potty , she cud stand anywhere and do her business but now she has to walk to her potty people u know how much work that is ?

So she has started screaming tantruming  requesting for her diaper

love you kanmani


One response to “Link

  1. I got a similar comment from Kiki’s preschool techers – weird how children behave differently when Mommy’s not around! Kiki is back in diapers for preschool after an accident. She is diaperless all day and stays dry all night but can’t manage to stop peeing at preschool – doesn’t add up!!!!

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