Not a big fan if weekends.Well for one every activity is centered around kanmani ,like zoo (the membership is fully utilised ), the play area at the mall, the pet area at the mall, yes the mall for is good but we go there for this and it kind of takes the fun away for me.We schedule okay you take her tot he train while I browse or u know vice-versa….I know all this comes with being a parent ..

I do not have  the have never had the luxury of spending time with Dh going out toa restaurant ,movie   from the time she was born.Yes ,not a single day ,a single hour .Perhaps when she naps but we know she can wake up any minute and we have to parent again.Not had the luxury to go to my parents home n relax,  and well if a daughter-in-law n relax at her in-laws place ,then I say its myth 😉

So weekends its double-duty for us , as we both try to assuage our guilt for her being the only kid and having nobody to play with by spending time with her ,rightfully too ,what  will she do alone?

Sacrifices are a must for a parent but I like to whine here  ,to take some steam off …

We love her , frankly just before I got preggo the old fashioned way you know by going to RE 😉 I was about to go crazy from the lack of a child ,so now I complain like this .(sigh)..the grass is never greener is it 😉


3 responses to “Weekends

  1. i agree….relaxing with the inlaws is a myth! never happens.

  2. yeah right , i think they shd change it to out-laws

  3. I can come babysit Bella and you and DH can go on a date!

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