Sincerely hope that this sitcom  is outsourced to the land of ‘cancelled -forever-n-ever’.I agree with this article .Entertainment weekly nails it so does this one

 I have never worked in a call center ,never been to one ,dont hv frnds working there either .I am from India ,so I find this sitcom is like a peeping tom looking thru a keyhole inside a home with a an average family and mocking the food , the clothes , timidity , ambition accent etec. .A dirty disgusting peeping tom too .Making fun of the food , the dressing ,the accents  really ?This is what the top -notch writers  can conjure up ?How much of it is true ?Showing cows near an office , plssss…have they ever been to India or or they just imagining an India  for the sake of a few laughs .

On the other hand , loved  all the other season premieres of  Big bang theory , rules  of engagement etc.

Hey writers , why don’t  u read few of the blogs , the funny ones , and get retrained on what is humorous and what is disgusting


3 responses to “outsourced

  1. i saw the pilot and agree- it was not funny and not even true. ive worked in a call center (in the uk) and have friends who work in indian call centers. tey get very rigorous voice training and they are mostly all young and hip people who can speak english better than most americans and get the slang, local associations etc….this show probably just appeals to americans because they can make fun of something they know little about and fear…jobs getting taken by indians etc.

  2. such a silly sitcom , what so funny abt a timid girl ?thats how some indian girls are , and really a cow near the window ?are they kidding ,next they will show people riding elephants to work

  3. I agree with both Medha and you on all counts! I wonder if the producers of this show ever visited a call center in India!

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