Why those persons stared at me

Yesterday evening I  reached the library when it was almost closing time .Once I was there though I noticed some people staring at me,I was too bothered about reaching the library on time so I did not dwell on it .I had some books on hold and I wanted to get my hands on them (BTW both knitting books)

I took the books browsed for a brief period of time in the new books isle did self-checkout and came to the car..when I suddenly realised ….I was wearing these hairbands right at the top of my head 4nos all glittery heart shaped hairbands …I had removed them from kanmani’s hair and instead of keeping it safe somewhere I decided my head was the safest .

That too all randomly pinned here n there with pink and silver hairbands .

The exact same ones Kanmani is wearing in he zoo photo but imagine them right near my forehead 🙂

Another mystery solved 😉


3 responses to “Why those persons stared at me

  1. Hi, Followed your link from my blog where you commented a while back…did you find me on ravelry by the way? if yes, what is your id?

  2. Hi Medha
    Onlyash is the one what is urs ?

  3. Priceless….you’re a mommy and this is what we do! At least you didn’t walk into the grocery store with Cheerios stuck in your hair – I did that once and I got many sympathetic looks!!

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