yes  an original title ..thot abt it 4 a long time before finally deciding on this one  🙂

Thats what I am feeling right now ..just dunno .My knitting is going on , I knit a beautiful cap for  special person’s kiddo in kanmani’s life .She  liked the cap very much..

I just follwed a very basic pattern and it came out PERFECT ..from the time I started knitting , this has long been a sore spot for me ,no matter how many hats ,bonnets I knit for her it never was a perfect fit for her ..too loose ..too small so I moved on to vest sweaters and such .

This cap that I knit for someone else fit her beautifully ,so I am knitting the exact same one for her.

I am using this yarn ..hmm looks like its new I cud not find it in their website to post the pix here ….

Its variegated and wonderful and its 100% new wool .

Kanmani loves school , Dh is fine and I am fine but like coming back to the title ..dunno feel like my brain needs some stimulation 🙂

yeah that it ,for now


One response to “Dunno

  1. I totally understand what you’re feeling because I get into this funk sometimes too and I just can’t put my finger on it, I just feel blah! Hope you’re feeling better. What a nice gift for a little someone:)

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