Kanmani loves bugs of any kind ,we goto the zoo often just so she can see the bugs .

So last week we went ,kanmani all decked up  in baby pink pearls (a girl’s got to be well accesorized right !)a beautiful brown dress

So here she is

First off to the petting kraal ,where she tried feeding the goats n lambs

Then she proceeded to eat the grass her self ,good enough for her pets ,good enough for her right !

(Dh is pulling out the grass from her mouth )

Then she tried feeding the lion pieces of sticks aka. bones and made sure he ate it .

The she posed on ‘baby jaguar’ you wud know him if you had preschooler at home (from Diego)

Then she decided enough was enough ,no more free posing ,she needed chocolates

The section that interested her the most the bugs ,I have just this one photo


One response to “zoo

  1. So adorable in her lovely brown dress – she looks so grown up, the little lady:) What a fun outing!

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