night in the living room

As a parent I am used to not sleeping during the nights .Dh is also used in fact more than me , he 2k care of her nightly feedings when she was a baby

Yesterday was different ,Sh got a cold and well she kept waking up .So I wanted to give medicine  , which she kept spitting out .What was different this time ,was the temper she displayed , she was sooo angry with what I dunno , she was trembling with anger .She kept crying on and on , we played her fav  movies for her , dh even told her story ,I offered her chocolate milk …cheetos  nothing worked .She kept hitting and spitting all the time.

It scares me such behaviour ,she is my first child but I have taken care of my cuz sisters (2 of them )like they were my own babies .I even used to try to give them nightly feedings when my aunt said if I loved her kids enough I would wake up in the night (she was kidding ,I 2k it seriously)…i was 4 .So what I am saying is I am not a total stranger to toddler culture .ADmitted when I grew up I only got to seem them during vacation time but I have fed , told them countless storeis ..I know kids ..atleast to a certain level .This is new to me

 I have never seen this kind of behaviour in a child ,this anger , temper .I felt like crying , had already developed a headache by then,because it was around 3 AM when we woke up to her screaming.she had no fever just runny nose .Could be an  ear infection but she is not tugging her ears , or it could be throat infection .

Dh was half-asleep , somehow I gave her the medicine while he held her and I calmed her crying(don’t ask me how )..I was worried she wud vomit the medicine the way she was behaving.

Now they are both sleeping and I am typing a post .I dont want my daughter to grow up like this ,full of anger …


One response to “night in the living room

  1. Awww, I hope she’s all better. This is definitely just a one-off, we grown ups get grouchy when those sneezies come along too. It must have been a rough night for all three of you….hugs!!!

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