Sunday I went to Macys.

The last top I bought was for xmas and before that ,the last one was probably in May or Jun 2009 .SO get my buying frequency .I do not mind it ,in fact I chose it .

I hate shopping for myself but I love to shop for Dh & Sh
So sterday , I bought a total of 6-7 tops within 20 mins .Dh he insisted I buy for a budget of $200 .The bill came upto $134 I did get a ton of discounts tho’

one of them looks like this   and when I wore it I looked just like her 😉

I bought this one too made in………………..India ..hahahaha

Actually I bought many beautiful ones with floral prints and nice cuts to flatter my top-heavy figure but I am not able to find them on their website ,I am guessing mine are a from a new shipment ?


2 responses to “tops

  1. Pictures, pictures!!!!! (Of you wearing the tops) Wow, 7 tops at that price, what an amazing shopping trip!

  2. yes right ? i am blessed pp ,sunday I got to know 😉

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