my daughter made me so happy sterday

 scene: me cutting onions

 sh: amma r u cooking?

me: yes

cutting onions .which color are these onions?

Sh: purple

me: yes ,right .good job baby

Sh.Amma,barney purple.

me : yes he is also purple color.

sh:amma barney eat onion

(get the logic ,barney is purple because he eats onion )

It cud be that she was saying  animals eat their own colored things but , no she has never said this  of any other        animal.She says monkeys eat banana etc..when she pretends to be monkey she wants banana…


2 responses to “logic

  1. That’s so cute:) Purple onion, purple Barney, that makes perfect sense!

  2. now we know why barney is purple :),which pattern wud u like pp .check ur mail

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