if i knew before

  • u have only negotiating power , no control in any area  …if ur a control freak god bless you   🙂


  • mommy guilt is ever-present


  • no foods with preservatives ,you tube ,stringent or no TV viewing rules which you had formed in   ur brain before her birth all can goto hell once they are born . 


  • we can only hope to have a semblance of order at home ,ur purse will be played with , ur perfume bottles will go empty , due to constant spraying


  • u become a nurse  when they are sick  a  constant janitor to clean their finger paint mess on the carpet , a sanitary worker during potty training, a cheerleader when they do  good ,an engineer when they  break a fav toy and want you to fix it instantly , a counselor when they need consoling , a politician when u plan how to deal with their tantrums , a lobbyist/advocate  when u advocate their needs with the schools , an entertainer etetc…. and a master chef when they wont eat what you have at hand .. a mule when they decide they wo’t walk in a place which does not allow strollers


 in other news I think I may have done PTing in a single day  🙂 ,think abt it from the day she said she wanted to use the potty there has not been a single accident  at all not even during sleeping not when when we went out to the zoo..(she said she wanted to go but Dh asked her to wait and go when they reached home ,I did not goto zoo).Now the poop she still asks for her diaper .so we have to work on it .

But its okay ,for someone whom I feared may never be PT’ed !


She even pulls down her underpants by her self …this is a girl who does not hv the coordination to put her shoes on 🙂



2 responses to “if i knew before

  1. I’m blocked, but just a request to check your email, I’ve sent you two….Thanks. (Don’t want to say too much in the comments, hope you understand) Reply?


  2. ayoooooooooooooo pp i never saw this(ashamed) ,hey pp how can u block in blog pp ..we cannot block in blog pp .and i got ur mails too which block do u mean ?

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