I feed sh  apples eveyday I cut into tiny pieces and run around her but I keep the bowl on the table.Always Dh eats from it ,if I ask him if he wants me to cut it for him ,he will say no but he will  continue eating from her bowl.Now I keep a measure of what SH eats ,if she eats more fine ,if its less then somehow I will try 2 compensate .
After lunch DH eats an apple so , I started cutting into lil pieces and I put it in a ziploc and give him so he can eat in the office.

initially he was as happy as a baby to take it .Recently th’o he stated saying stuff like , I dont want to add to ur workload ,I will eat the whole apple etetc.
Now I know him he does not care about my work load , when it comes to food !
So gently I persuaded him to tell the real reason ..turns out he is embarrassed , apparently his frnds made fun of him for carrying cut pieces of apple to the office ..

🙂 🙂 🙂

I cut in long strips make more interesting for him , but these photos are not mine .


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