Usually friday dh prefers eating out and since this Indian restaurant has opened (there are only 3 of which 2 serve only north indian dishes and  the south indian one ,horrible taste  ,all 3 r expensive )he finds excuses to go there.

So when we went there the dosai place was closed so we went to bawarchis ..the dosai place bawarchi are under the same roof was $9.00 for a simple dosai , c’mon …what do u cook wth rice that is fertilised with gold???!

I was so glad I had just grinded dosai maavu at hom, unfortunately I have this weird habit.

I won’t eat anything which in my mind is meant for someone else , dosai maavu I grinded for Dh so none for me , chappathi also I prepare for Dh ‘s sake so I wont even take a bite of it .Hence I crave dosai all the time 🙂

Even if the dosai maavu is plenty and in the fridge I won’t touch it ,its for Dh n sweet ..dunno where i got this silly thing from.

So until I goto India or parents home I guess dosai has to wait  …hm


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