my princess

my parents had sent a parcel thru fed ex with this silver bowl n spoon they wanted to see her eat in it  , and the silver bangles also .Those vertical murukku(crackers ) u see there also helped Sh overcome her oral aversions for tubular things . a  nurse mentioned that it was probably because she was on tubes for so long she developed an aversion to it .

In other news Dh got his Green Card 2day afternoon..this was the one point I have used in my arguments  for not buying home here ..I am scared to even take a step in that direction because single earning n all…but now Dh will insist but as usual I will resist.He cannot bear even the stress of taking care of Sh for a lil time,how can he be a homeowner here , where nothing is stable ..u know .

Altho’ he has a perm job here ,I am  convinced he just does not have what it takes to be cool level-headed home owner here . we do have in India ..just have one kiddo what more do we need ?


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