Yakult  advt came a while back on TV , I felt that it must  be a very good product..I just had a feeling about it .So when Dh ingested a huge bowl of Andhra Pulusu at a fancy Indian restaurant that has opened    here and developed stomach pain etc ..I decided to buy Yakult for him .The pulusu was  too spicy …but coming from andhra that’s the way it s supposed to be.. it was tasty ..that’s why he almost drank it .

Yakult helped him regulate his system again and I forgot about it .The again recently when SH had stomach flu we 2k her 2 the ped (amazing kind woman )she suggested Yakult

 Dh’s  bought 3 packs of it(for Sh ) …and it worked on SH,also her appetite seems to have improved

I tasted it sterday ,it tasted like almond milk …..and I just discovered it is  from japan .

I have a healthy respect for the people & products native to Japan ,from the time I was very young-er   😉   ,used to read about them in Indian Express ,  their hard working ethics , tiny inventions and more recently the best therapist Sh had Yuki wada ..I saw how dedicated she was and she never gave up …on Sh .

SO greatful to Yuki  and Yakult 🙂 .

it comes in packs like this


One response to “yakult

  1. Vineet often has tummy woes and this seems like the perfect solution. Tums just doesn’t do the trick, thanks for sharing!

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