oh..i love making them ,they lift up my spirits …so easy and so useful and great stashbuster .
I tried the Erika knight pattern ..u know the designer whom i praised to the heaven ..well she is good but I shd have taken those mommies  seriously(who couldn’t figure out instructions for the bolero) and I cud!

For this one it was payback time,  , I really cud not get past the thumb ,I did not understand where she wanted me to pick up the stitches .

I found another link Bev’s patterns  and did it in mins ..then I noticed that on ravelry only 14 prjs were there of Erika’s designs where there were 104 pjts of Bev’s ..hmm what does it say ?

probably that her instructions are much more clearer and she does not even have an editor at her disposal ;)….

 ….Ms Erika Knight  I still like ur Bolero pattern tho’ , very clever pattern

update:sh refuses to remove the mittens even while she is sleeping and I have been unable to photograph her she never keeps her hands still or she runs away 😉



my legs are wrapped around her



One response to “mittens

  1. Sweet mittens! You’re really becoming such a fantastic knitter!!! Cute pants too that you’re wearing 🙂

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