part 3 PTing

ALL DONE  but now comes the tricky part of PTing her with her pants on…the part where she has to remove it and then go …and she has yet to poo-poo in her PT classy gal prefers to do it in her diaper 😉

In other news I have sinus and have been lax about taking care of her .Plus I think I may be running a temp too ..thewhole shebang bodyaches etcetc ….

I love knitting Now where was I ..yeah PTing ,plan to buy pull ups for her first ..then try to go out in public …wonder if she will use the public restrooms …

Today lost my temper with her (my mistake ,not hers)

so i did not speak to her for a long time after some time she comes to me n says

amma u good girl ..?with a put-on smile (she always smiles when she wants something from me )


One response to “part 3 PTing

  1. What a sweet little girl 🙂 I really hope that you are feeling better!

    I agree, yarn should be cheaper!!!

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