PTing progress part 2

So far so good with PTing ..sterday tho’ she pooped on the carpet , wish there were apartments here w/o carpeting …(sigh)…ok she woke today  morning and opened the door on her own (there is no lock ,she just has routine which has to be followed every single step) and I was on the couch .She told me

Amma i want to goto party (she has an obsession with b’day parties)

so I said

Ok we will go tomorrow (hoping she will forget)

amma i want to goto party( again…) 

Then i understood she meant potty 🙂

i removed her diaper and she  peed on the potty

She has been consistent .

I  knew SH had to decide for herself that  she liked PTing and wanted to try  it for fun, there was no way I could have succeeded forcing her to sit and me telling her stories n stuff like those(read previous post ) people told me to do .In spite of the knowledge I decided to follow the experts method and forced her  until recently.many attempts …for 1-3 days at a time

Even if u ask her to drink water she will get anxious ,u have to tell her like this

Sh I have kept water here NOT  THIS

 Sh drink this water …(ok got my point ?)

I am used to her being delayed she is the girl who did not point until 2 …now don’t mistake me she wud sing songs rhymes everything ..I am talking about actual communication with anyone .she had zero receptive language ..until 2 …we had evaluated by a dr a child psychiatrist   etctect

So I am used to her being delayed .Still I had this niggling doubt would  my daughter ever sit on the pt w/o anxiety wud she ever be PT  trained …

I read about that to her brought DVD’s from the library etetc…..but never asked to sit on the PT and go( like I mentioned earlier all those were a failure with her )…she get anxious so even if she spills anything on the floor , I tell her “its ok baby ” I don’t want to increase her levels ..

All these  mos this is what we have been doing ..

……and sterday she just decided to use her PT ..BTW we bought 3 diff kinds last  year of PTs


One response to “PTing progress part 2

  1. Wow, that’s amazing! We started PT since Thu with Kiki and there have been a few accidents so far but other than that I have to put her on the potty every 45 mins to pee. Poop is a diff story – she doesn’t usually do her business in the morning which is such a pain. I am thinking, dealing with the small mess first is better than dealing with the messy poo. Your PT part 1 is missing. I’m very curious about what DVDs and books you used to get SH to be interested in trying out the potty without freaking out. We’re doing the reward with with stickers and her fave TV shows that is making her go ‘quicker’! Geez PTing Prithvi was such a breeze, this time everything seems so much harder!!!

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