(fictional)Dr.(mom) House

Sh used the potty twice without me even starting PT ing one her hahaha.

No ,no , I have started many times and stopped many times because I felt she was not ready but this time I did not start it .All credit to her awesome teacher Mrs Stacy .I think (most definitely)they are talking about PT to her and she listens to them .

This brings me to another topic .Last year her ABA therapists one of them her name was R   was pretty awesome in the beginning but later I dont’ know what happened …she just stopped being awesome …she and her supervisor came up with this method of giving her lots of liquids and making her eat salty foods  and so she will get thirsty .

This is the best part ..every 5 mins, take that sensory challenged girl to the PT with her panty on(compulsory) and ..wait wait more stupidity make her remove the panty by her self ask her to get up on the stool to the PT and sit down on the PT and pee ..Then wait on PT for 2 mins  and entertain her .ALso before removing panty she has to check for pee if no peepee then reward with sticker and she shd remove it and sit on PT then  wash her hands by her self by again getting on the stool(i helped in this we were allowed to)I did this for a week but unless u hv sensory challenged gal baby u will not understand it …the frustration for me and my Sh .All the above was done with a timer and I had to enter in a chart .All this with a gal who has extreme anxiety issues (plan to take her to a therapist in future )

Sh wud not remove the panty down simply because she did not have the motor skills again ,if u do not hv a special needs kiddo u just cannot get what I am talking about  ….well we did not want  the therapist and her supervisor .

  today she kept removing her diaper and and peeing on the floor finally she did pp in her PT so i feel arrogant like Dr House on Tv , I know my daughter better than anybody else        🙂    except the other wonderful wonderful therapists like ms Yuki wada  and her teacher etetc .They do know my daughter better


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