plumber ?

In the apartment that we moved into 8  mos ago ,the garbage disposal is not in the best of its quality .If in the preevious apt  it grinded  rice , veggie anything i put in within reasonable amoutn it cleared this one appears like it cannot take even a morsel of rice or slice of veggie .

Dh is not a plumber or a handyguy unlike my father!! .so he wud get xtremely annoyed if we had to call the mainteneance every time ,so i browsed the web and came across  this..
I intend 2 get a auger and wrench too ..seems intersting work to me .

Today I tried the plunger method and baking soda ,it worked !


2 responses to “plumber ?

  1. 🙂

    Where there is a will there is a way (for the stuck garbage)!

  2. Another feather in your cap!

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