I watch a lot of tv or i shd say i listen to a lot of it .i dont like a silent home and i keep tv on and go abt my work and these r a few shows i like to watch  listen to

  • house -reruns  before this month never watched even a single episode , now I am kind of addicted to the sarcasm laced  conversations thanx to   Tivo
  • grey’s anatomy-same as above but less funny n more drama..i can miss out a huge chunk of viewing and still understand that episode
  •  covert affair- the actress is so smart looking and does act too! 
  • army wives -lots n lots of drama no comedy
  • curb ur enthusiasm -sssssssssssoo funny lol funny ..but we do not have hbo so manged to watch free episodes on demand
  • law&order criminal intent-suspense ,i like only this of the entire l&O series and l&o svu of course..prefer det.goren tho’
  • local radio stations
  • lots of  pbs because of princess
  • the good guys – boring ,sometimes funny
  • happy town , persons unknown are some others ooh office .
  • 30 rock is my abs fav show
  • modern family-ha haha this is how i watch it ,funny particulalry the gay couple
  • castle , anything crime related and well scripted i watch it
  • do not like reality shows of any kind

One response to “tv

  1. I watch TV while I knit and I love a few of the shows you`ve listed too. The kids hog the TV most of the time but I usually get to sit down and watch uninterrupted TV once they’re in bed. My current fave show is Leverage. I’ve caught up with all the old seasons and the current season is providing much entertainment!

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