are the same as her on this and many others actually.when i had to have an emergent cerclage this one and another help me get thru  my pregnancy …for a lil bit .Gave me strength  ,when i read about her kid Ethan …i feel wow sh is just like that  and that is exactly how i feel..

now this  , my thots are the same as the blogger ,..without knowing the other side how do people form their opinion  and speak about it in a magazine ?Has she ever been in NICU  for 3-4 mos trying to bf  ?or seen a mom taking medication which has a chance to  cause depression just so she cud generate breast milk ?has she ever wondered about the guilt a  mom feels about ,has she done her research on this ?

How do people even fathom to know what has gone  on in mom’s(or any one’s ) life before the baby was born(or whatever event) and form opinions  ?make  bf’ing a  law?!

probably the guilt is making me angry again but i did take that medication reglan ..the dr did say that there was a chance for that sideeffects…but still i got no milk ..but i did get  sneaky PPD attack and never realised what struck even tho’ i was ‘educated’  abt it b4 discharge


One response to “angry

  1. You have real life lessons and when people “theorize” about what works and what will not if they don’t do XYZ or ABC, that makes me mad too. What works for them won’t always work for you. But all of us mothers try to do the best we can for our children. You’ve done and are still doing your best – Bella is a true, shining example of a child blossoming under her mother’s TLC. Great job, Amma!

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