is everybody happy now ?amma?(probably heard it 4m her teacher ,but only i was there when she asked me this )

excuse me

amma amma the moon is broken fix it !!pretends to cry …yes pretense(half moon day)

amma the bug is smiling happy face amma bug saying cheese amma bug taking photo amma(there were no bugs,all imaginary)

amma poo-poo triangle shape amma !

r u tired amma?(if i ever yawn )

we are friends amma (in a rather affectionate moment ,and she hugs me ,it moved me ,my only toddler frnd in this world )

r u okay amma ?(even if a vessel or chair falls down ,she will proceed to kiss the object and ask me this question)

amma u a good girl amma??(whenever i whip out my angry face look ,she will try to stop me like this )

i feel better now (say it fast so u cannot understand it all ,the first time she said this i cud not understand her )


4 responses to “sweetheartisms

  1. awwwww, she’s such a cutie! I love when she said triangle shaped poo-poo, ROFL!!!!! I’m glad that you are recording all of these on your blog so that you (and she) will never forget these tender days xx

  2. I love that she calls you amma, that’s so sweet:) My kids call me Mama and they call Vineet, “Vineet” and won’t change it to anything else even if we stand on our heads!

  3. That is soooo cute , probably because they think of him as their friend and not a adult person mama is so sweet i like that also

  4. hey pp she is disgusting in this ,she will insist on seeing her poo poo, and say bye bye snake , and says it color etctetc ..YUCK!

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