zara zara

loved bombay jaishree’s voice in tamil version and I thot nothing cud beat it until I heard this hindi version WOW!!

This song just makes me breathless every time I hear it ,the singer ‘s voice and lyrics so soulful

Another wonderful song but bad recording

Best kannada actor/director/handsome guy/ best song


2 responses to “zara zara

  1. I loved these clips and it brought back so many memories. Esp. the last one. OMG, he is one of the brothers right (can`t remember their names) I totally remember watching Kannada movies on Saturday evening when I was a kid and all we had was Doordarshan!! My dad used to like the actor in the first clip when he used to act in the funny TV sitcom before he acted in movies (can`t remember which one that was either!). Great memories!!!

  2. shankar nag right , even i used to watch doordarshan because we had only that !
    I did not know madhavan acted in sticom until recently .

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