dosai amma dosai

Today I prepared dosai for Dh .the one thing Dh 2ld me when I was newly married was this .HE said learning how to cook was necessary for one’s survival , we can live anywhere in the world he said if we know the basics ,    ,since he grew up in a  hostel run by fathers ,I took it seriously u know in case I got  job god know where there were no Indian restaurants .

I did not know he meant I had to learn cooking for his survival hahahaha  …

The thing I struggled most while learning cooking ,MIL taught me from basics was remembering the tempering ingredients ,so I wrote in a book .Mustards followed by etctec ..I would get so flustered when MIL was standing next to me and I would forget it and then take a peek at this book ,I still have it with me ..

Now I can cook ..enough to survive .Dh think home food is = restaurant food .His mom mostly fed him grand festive food because after studies he came here to work so he went home only for short stays …so he ate moms’ food or mom/dad ordered food  from nearby mess.

He even expects food presentation to be grand …yeah

He eats mostly  salad or , healthy burritos when we go out .Nothing fried , preferably non-veg , me on the other hand will eat everything except beef which we do not eat .

In fact the only veggies I know are drumsticks ..the er ..chicken variety ..  😉

so this is what I prepared for him, the thogaiyal is from here

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2 responses to “dosai amma dosai

  1. I showed these pics to Vineet and he said, Yum, tell her that we’re coming over to eat them!!!! Your dosas look so crispy and light. Your hubby is very lucky!!!!

  2. pp ur generous with ur compliments :)too , thank u 🙂

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