Morey’s marinated salmon from costco- Review

This is the product I am reviewing .We saw it recently at costco .They were giving out samples , and I offered to Sh , she ate it .Ok ,her eating anything except  chocolates is a huge event for us .

Then encouraged by it I went and waited for another sample , she ate that too! sweet happiness .Later just b4 leaving I asked Dh to get another sample , she ate it.So ,I persuaded Dh to buy it.Persuaded because Dh knows she is a fickle minded eater , what she ate a second ago will be her most hated food a minute after .

Its salmon ,so I did not want to take the risk of not trying it .The benefits of  making salmon a part of our diet  well documented .

2 boxes later she is still eating it .I did not taste it on the day they were giving the samples , I have to give first to my Sh ,if I find anything appealing  and once I buy for her I will never eat , unless she refuses to eat and I have to throw it away , so I did not know about the salt (i find it a bit high)but at home we use very little salt , so its ok ,again it salmon   folks 🙂


6 responses to “Morey’s marinated salmon from costco- Review

  1. I followed your advice and picked up a box. I loved it!!! Kiki…not so much:(

  2. ayoo ,sorry pp 🙂 ,I suggested it for the kids sake only .Apparently their omega 3 content is very good in these partiicular filets (another reviewer )..u could try the fish oil perhaps ?

  3. i wanted to so love this product being without stove for two more weeks, do not waste your money. the fake overly strong smoke taste and scent is terrible. if you love liquid smoke thid is the food for you.

  4. Anonymous

    GMO???canola oil??

  5. This is delicious. I throw it on the grill from frozen and 8 minutes on each side and it’s perfect. Even my picky dad likes the taste. The only salmon he will eat.

  6. Carol Anderson

    I purchased this at Costco and made it last night. 5 of the six pieces of fish were not salmon. The oirce that was salmon had skin on the bottom. The other 5 pieces were rubbery, and white with no fish taste whatsoever. I have eaten salmon all my life so I know what salmon is. You can’t tell until you cut into it because it is smothered in marinate. I am so mad!

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