H&M clothes store review

As long as I am on a  review giving roll , might as well give it for my new fav store H and M

Previously it was the children’s store , baby Gap and gymboree ahh gymboree the expensive one .

Once this new store opened I have become an ardent admirer of this store , the prices are within the reach of SAHM and stingy    responsible appa .The styles are different , lots of ruffles ,pedal pushers that come in 1 piece and cost less .The material is usually cotton not 100% which I prefer ,but I have found that sometimes 100% cotton is expensive .One of the pieces I bought is 100% cotton and the material was so good and really thin ,I wished I could wear it  for this summer .Will post the snaps soon .It was around $14.95 but because of the high tax in california ,it costed us a bit more .

Love dressing up my princess , that’s the point of wishing for a girl child isn’t it 😉 dress up ,apply  kajal (homemade in India ,eyeliner) .Put fancy hairbands .She loves perfume so she gets to wear it every single day to school along with her sunscreen.I go over board , and put all bangles at once which used to annoy Dh , he always asks me if I really am from b’lore and did I really really study in Bishop cottons hehehehe .I dress her up more like a woman from tribal region .

Just back from school , the pink one is my current fav ,again lightweight ,soft cotton and beautiful pattern.It looks better in real than in snaps

The one below blue pedal pushers, I am guessing is mercerized cotton because its very thin and soft and has a sheen to it plus it has pockets which Sh loves .its 100% cotton.I like children’s clothes to be lightweight ,this one is .I hate linings which add bulk to dresses but sometimes perhaps on rare occasions she does wear these too.Not during summer tho’

and a winter coat ,this is     Hello Kitty brand but from the same store .It was on sale forgot the price , but it seemed like a good deal at that time ,given the plush lining for winter and lightweight .


2 responses to “H&M clothes store review

  1. I used to buy clothes for the kids from H&M Kids in Dubai all the time. I love their stuff and I’ve bought a ton of their summer dresses and tops for myself. I haven’t bought anything from their store here yet, I wonder why. This is the only store where I could find jeans that fit Prithvi. Everywhere else they were either too long or too loose.

    Bella looks cute in all her outfits. Go H&M!

  2. Then i shd try for DH ,same problem as Prithvi .This store opened here within the last year and I find it really reasonable ..compared to gymboree .

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