About parenting

This article is interesting .

If a couple has enough knowledge , about themselves  and about child rearing, reading this article will be useful if they have not yet had children.Either they will choose to go ahead and have or not have .

If a couple is not interested in having kids they shd not have them simply because it will affect the kid in all ways.Wish some mothers were educated about this , their right to have/not have kids .So that they could take a bold decision and live child free rather than have an unwanted child and make that child /children miserable all their lives .

Still , it does takes guts to write an article like this ,in today’s world ,I wonder what would happen if such an article was published in vikatan  a tamil magazine or in a tamil women’s magazine.No on has the right to to judge a couple’s choice perhaps then …there is a possibility  for happier ..relatively happier moms/non moms


2 responses to “About parenting

  1. Hmmm, interesting read.

  2. yeah , it depends on each couple .
    some shd not have kids of they cannot handle the pressure and pawn the child to somebody else

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