bullet points

  • Sh loves posing for snaps , sometimes though she does this weird expression ,and I don’t have the heart to tell her ,she does not look like she is smiling ,rather she looks like in pain
  • 2day by mistake I removed the internet wire while cleaning the shelves and made a huge hullabaloo because Sh will not eat w/o it
  • while i was talking to someone ,the nasty frnd that I have , her dh passed a snide comment that I go gallivanting the whole day  outside instead of staying  at home(in regional language it sounds nasty)she repeated it to me , so I asked her  what does he expect me to do?Sit at home and make pickles?  yeah right
  • ok ,i was a bit annoyed by above incident ,its true ,i do not like 2 stay home when I have finished my work ,sh will mow me down,needs entertainment
  • Dh as usual felt I was over reacting,maybe I was
  • I like the bullet style blogging 🙂
  • Temperatures are in the low 80s here whoooo
  • Dh is asking me 2 prepare just 1 roti ,he feels full 😉
  • Sh expects a bribe to do anything .
  • here she  is posing well
  • every single day i take her snaps,find her stunning and beautiful
  • wow so many spelling errors .

she is Dora the explorer in above photo/Diego with camera .It in fact is binoculars ,sometimes in her imagination it becomes a magnifier , telescope , a stethoscope


2 responses to “bullet points

  1. This is a great way to blog and Bella’s smile is so captivating!

  2. hehehe thank you pp, today I am flying ..i am proud of her .do i sound shallow but I have always admired and feel beauty is an asset just like intelligence

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